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Quick Connecting Terminal Block


Quick Connecting Terminal Block: PT Push in Terminal Block


Wonke Electric CO.,Ltd. is professional manufacturer producing terminal block 22 years and passed CE, Rohs, ISO9001 certificate. Main products are din rail terminal blocks.


Now we introduce PT series push in terminal block.Also called Feed through terminal blocks.How to connecting wire by push in terminal block.



Usually before connecting wire, we need prepare general Electrician Tools such as Screw Driver, Cutting Pliers, Wire Stripper and Crimping Pliers. Choose suitable size of cord end terminal. There are many different size of terminal matching different specification of cable.

In our market, we can find two different type of wire.

1.Rigid Single-core Wire

2.Flexible Multi-cores Wire

Firstly, We introduce how to connecting Rigid single-core wire,


Stripper the wire from 10-12 mm, and push in directly. and if you need relax, use a Mini screw driver push on the orange button, then push out the wire directly. But if you don’t push on the button first, the wire could not push out.



Secondly, we introduce how to connecting Flexible Multi-cores.


Connecting this wire,cord end terminal and crimping pliers is necessary. After stripper the wire, we need use this cord end terminal and crimping pliers. Crimping the terminal at the end of wire. After that, same as using Rigid single-core wire. Push in directly, if relax, push the orange button first, then just push out.



Connecting wire by PT push in terminal block is very safely, quickly and conveniently. So push in terminal blocks are welcomed for electrical connecting market from all over the world.


Material of JPT push in terminal blocks: Flame resistant Nylon 66 and tin plated copper conductor. The foot of terminal block is very flexible, This design is easy to install on the din rail. If remove the terminal block, just use a screw driver pry the foot gently.


The main advantages of this terminal block, within advanced push in connection technology, tool free design, saving time and human power. With special contact spring, easy insertion and guarantee high level contact quality. make wire connection so easily.


Currently, Wonke Electric CO.,Ltd we can supply Gray and Blue color PT push in terminal blocks. The Green and Yellow color is Ground connection type

Whole terminal blocks accessories for PT terminal block is available.

Such as End cover ,Marker strip , plug in bridge.

Details, welcome to visit our website: www.wonkecontact.com





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