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company news about Advantages of Heavy Duty Connector

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Advantages of Heavy Duty Connector
Latest company news about Advantages of Heavy Duty Connector



Heavy-duty connectors, referred to as HDC, aviation plugs, are widely used in construction machinery, textile machinery, packaging and printing machinery, tobacco machinery, robots, rail transit, hot runners, electricity, automation and other equipment that require electrical and signal connections.


The international advancement of heavy-duty connectors in terms of structural design and material use makes the connectors outstanding in terms of electrical performance. The reliability of the electrical connection system is beyond the reach of the traditional connection method.




1 .Voltage/Current: 500V/16A

2. Wire Contact Surface: Sliver-plated

3. Contact resistance: ≤1m Ω

4. Cross section: 1.0-2.5mm² (AWG 18-14)

latest company news about Advantages of Heavy Duty Connector  0

latest company news about Advantages of Heavy Duty Connector  1

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Main difference:


Compared with the traditional connection method, heavy-duty connectors has the advantages of pre-installation, pre-wiring, preventing mis-insertion, and improving work efficiency.


Industrial applications:


This new interface is generally considered an "industrial connector", and it‘s applications are not limited to manufacturing. This connector is designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments. Traditional connected devices provide users with a service guarantee for several years in a typical office environment. However, exposing the same copper cable or optical fiber connector to extreme conditions will reduce its performance and reliability, and end users must pay high maintenance costs to troubleshoot and replace parts. A new connector, which is specially designed to build a sturdy Ethernet connection in harsh environments, which is tougher, stronger, and more resistant than previous connectors.


Main advantages:


1. Realize pre-installation, pre-installation of a large number of and complex circuits, which can greatly improve the efficiency of equipment installation and reduce the rate of wiring errors.


2. The heavy-duty connector provides a highly integrated connection, and the rich combination methods maximize the effective utilization of the equipment space.


3. Heavy-duty connector The connector conveniently and efficiently realizes the modular structure of each functional template block of the equipment, so that the equipment can be transported, installed, maintained and repaired conveniently and safely. Connectors are widely used in the field of power transmission and distribution.


4. The high protection level (IP65, IP68) provided by the heavy-duty connector is incomparable to the advantages of the equipment connection system under the harsh environment. Provide effective protection in harsh environments such as sand, rain, cold, snow, and oil



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