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Common faults in using terminal blocks

The plastic insulation and conductive parts of the terminals are directly related to the quality of the terminals, which determine the insulation and electrical conductivity of the terminals. Failure of any of the terminals will result in failure of the entire system engineering.

The function that the terminal should reach is that the contact area must be turned on and the contact is reliable. The place where the insulation is not to be turned on must be insulated and reliable.

It is said that prevention is the purpose and analysis is the basis. Next, we will introduce the three common faults in using terminal blocks.

1. Poor contact. 

The metal conductor inside the terminal is the core part of the terminal that transfers the voltage, current or signal from the external wire or cable to the corresponding contact of the mating connector.

However, sometimes due to unreasonable structural design of the contact piece, wrong material selection, unstable mold, poor processing size, rough surface, unreasonable surface treatment process such as heat treatment plating, improper assembly, poor storage and use environment, and improper operation, The contact portion and the mating portion of the contact member cause poor contact.

2. Poor insulation.

The function of the insulator is to keep the contacts in the correct position and to insulate the contacts from the contacts and the contacts from the housing.


However, due to the presence of metal impurities on the surface or inside of the insulator, the organic material precipitate or the harmful gas adsorption film is fused with the surface water film to form an ionic conductive channel. Moisture absorption, mildew, insulation material aging and other reasons can cause short circuit, leakage, low insulation resistance and other insulation problems.

3. Bad fixation.

The insulator not only acts as an insulator, but also has the function of being mounted and fixed on the device.

The lighter influences of the bad fixation is to cause a momentary power failure. The serious consequence is that the product is disintegrated,which will cause control system power transfer and signal control interruption.

Unreliable design, incorrect material selection, wrong heat treatment, mold, assembly, welding, etc., can cause poor fixation.

Without reliable terminals, there is no reliable system engineering.

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