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Ground terminal blocks
Latest company news about Ground terminal blocks

The terminal connected to the grounding body is the grounding terminal.

The ground terminal is for the ground wire. The ground terminal allows the ground wire to be well grounded. Otherwise, the grounding wire will be connected everywhere. The purpose of grounding is to establish safety measures from abnormal equipment failures, sometimes to obtain reasonable line assignments.

The function of the grounding terminal is to prevent the grounding protection of the metal casing of the electrical equipment from endangering the safety of the person and equipment. It is an important technical measure taken to prevent personal electric shock accidents and ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment.

The grounding terminal of Wonke Electric has the same wiring area as the terminal block, and the color is generally distinguished by yellow-green.

Your safety is important to us: Wonke Electric's green-yellow ground terminal blocks meet all requirements of the IEC 60947-7-2 standard.

The advantage of our terminal blocks are especially in such aspect: Low contact resistance, corrosion resistant contacts, green and yellow housing, multiple marking positions.

Our product enjoys the feature like Space saving, thanks to compact design; Easy operation and use: can be snapped onto the DIN rail; Modular expansion, thanks to feed-through and ground terminal blocks of the same shape.

Ground terminal blocks with a metallic PE foot make it even easier. The connection between the terminal points and the DIN rail is created automatically once the terminal blocks are snapped on.

The standard terminal blocks with snap-on foot can be used on DIN rails with a standard profile.


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