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company news about How to select a terminal block

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How to select a terminal block
Latest company news about How to select a terminal block

How to select a terminal block 

Terminal blocks are common connectors that are intended to safely and effectively bridge the gap between two different circuits. Since they typically have power delivered from a larger source that is carried by wire conductors, terminal blocks are commonly found on industrial and power management electronic devices, such as variable frequency drives, motor protection relays, power and energy meters, power supplies and converters, HVAC and traffic controls, programmable logic controllers and many others. Power is most commonly delivered by wire, so it is always an option to land these wires directly to the assembly without costly adapters that only conform to certain products. Electricians and other installers can quickly work with this simple form of equipment installation and electrical integration.


Wonke offers feed-through terminal blocks and/or barrier strips that expect wire to have the conductive path managed through the housing in the rear of the block. There are varying voltage ratings and current ratings within the portfolio. This document will review wire feed through terminal blocks, different components, common terms, synonyms and items to consider when selecting a terminal block to integrate into your device or system.


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