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Industrial cabinet fan filter
Latest company news about Industrial cabinet fan filter

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the equipment placed inside the cabinet will generate a lot of heat during long-term use, and the heat cannot be dissipated, which will cause equipment damage. Then you need to install a cabinet fan filter.

The role of the cabinet fan in our cabinet is very important. Although it is not worth the money itself, without the protection of the cooling fan, the safety of our high-value electronic equipment is not guaranteed, and it is easy to cause significant loss.

The high-power axial fan can be installed by “blowing” or “pumping”. The defensive function of the ventilation cascade prevents mechanical damage and prevents moisture from entering. The sealed cabinet protection category can be according to EN60529/10.91. Reach IP54. A water-proof hood provides IP55 protection and easy replacement of the filter mat with a slotted handshake on the cascade.

The advantage of using cabinet fans is that Filter fans are especially suitable for economical discharge of high heat loads. A fan filter is only effective when the temperature inside the cabinet is higher than the ambient temperature. 

Its features include: Mounts quickly and easily, no mounting hardware required; Low external profile; heat resisting housing material; Ultra-flat shape; High power and high quality.

Because hot air is lighter than cold air, the air flow in the cabinet should be from bottom to top. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the front door or side wall panel of the cabinet should be used as the air inlet and the upper side as the air outlet.

Wonke's FK33 series ultra-thin cabinet fans and filters use a non-woven fiber filter mat to prevent dust particles above 10 microns. And its ventilation shutters have the function of rain protection.

Wonke Electric's industrial cabinet fan filters are ideal for air exchange in panels or cabinets. The universal fan filter of Wonke Electric is beautiful, functional and safe, and its unique design makes it optimal for today's market.

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