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Spring Terminal Block
Latest company news about Spring Terminal Block

Terminal block is widely used in electrical connections, there are many types such as din rail terminal blocks, pluggable terminals, PCB Connectors etc.

And for the connection way, there are screw type, spring type, push in type etc.


Screw type is the universal type and used more widely than other type in many Situation, but in some special work situation such as in a series vibrating environment. screw type terminal blocks will make the wires fall off easily result from the Vibration.


Spring Terminal Block can withstand severe vibrations and are of Reliable connectivity. It is widely used in the line of Rail traffic、Wind power plants、Automatic or mechanical engineering industry.

Connect conductors that are vibration resistant, gas-tight, and have long-term stability – with the spring-loaded conductor contacting.

The spring-cage always exerts the same force on the conductor, regardless of the influence of the user.


The installation of spring terminal block

1. Strip the insulation from the end of the wire, place the ferrule over the metal strands of wire.

2. Insert the ferrule and wire into the crimp tool

3. Open the terminal point with a standard screwdriver, insert the conductor into the clamping space.

4. Remove the screwdriver to make the conductor contact automatically.


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