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company news about ST2.5-3L spring three-layer terminal block

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ST2.5-3L spring three-layer terminal block
Latest company news about ST2.5-3L spring three-layer terminal block

Spring terminal blocks are new type of terminal blocks for spring-loaded devices. Wonke Electric's terminal blocks have been widely used in the world's electrical and electronic engineering industries: elevator lift control, power control systems, instrumentation, power supplies, building wiring, etc.

The three-layer terminal block adds a layer to the double-layer terminal block. Recommended for installations without height restrictions.

With the continuous development of the electrical and electrical industry, emerging markets are increasingly demanding products, and new products are emerging. The new spring terminal block uses a three-layer wiring technology to enable secondary connection and transfer of three lines on one product. The product has three independent connection structures, and each layer is provided with a dedicated bridge hole, and the different terminals can be freely bridged.


ST2.5-3L, can be connected between 0.25-2.5 square millimeters of wire. The current carrying capacity is 28A and the voltage carrying capacity is 500V.

This product's thickness is 5.2 mm, its height is 57 mm, and its width is 100 mm. The Plug-in Bridge type of ST2.5-3L is FBS10-5. The number of shorts can be cut as needed. The product production standard is IEC60947-7-1 of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

The three-layer spring terminal ST2.5-3L is a product with good practical value compared with the ordinary terminal block, which can complete three times the wire connection in a certain space.

ST2.5-3L three-layer terminal blocks help us save space and cost a lot.

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