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The characteristics of Din Rail terminal block

The Din rail terminal block is designed with a crimping wire and a unique threaded self-locking design to make the wiring connection reliable and safe. This series of terminal blocks are beautiful in design and can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as end covers, marker strips and fixed bridges, etc.

Din Rail terminal blocks have multiple characteristics to ensure ensure circuit connection:

The terminal blocks have a universal mounting foot and can be mounted on the U-shaped rail NC 35 and the G-shaped rail NC32.

Its closed screw guide holes ensure the ideal screwdriver operation.

Terminal blocks for multiple cross-section grades are equipped with uniform accessories such as end covers, plug-in bridges, etc.

Potential distribution can be achieved by a fixed bridge in the center of the access terminal or a plug-in bridge inserted into the line cavity.

The grounding terminal and the N-line slider breaking terminal that conform to the shape of the ordinary terminal.

Using the identification system ZT, unified identification can be achieved.

Visually enhance the stereoscopic sense of the wiring system.

Achieving self-locking of screws by using elastic component.

Din Rail terminal block has the advantages like high insulation voltage, vibration proof, and long time using, so it is widely used in the field of automatic control.
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