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Anti Rust Heavy Duty Connector
  • Anti Rust Heavy Duty ConnectorAnti Rust Heavy Duty Connector

Anti Rust Heavy Duty Connector

The WKDQ aAnti Rust WHE16C Waterproof Electrical Connectors AWG 14 are designed to provide reliable electrical connections while offering protection against rust and water ingress.We have achieved remarkable success in this domain as a result of our focused approach, timely delivery, and ethical company philosophy.

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Product Description

The WKDQA WHE16C Anti Rust Waterproof Electrical Connectors AWG 14 are specifically designed to provide a reliable and waterproof electrical connection for AWG 14 gauge wires. Here's a breakdown of their key features:


Anti Rust: These connectors are constructed or coated with materials that offer resistance to rust or corrosion. This helps protect the connectors from the negative effects of moisture, humidity, and other corrosive elements, ensuring their longevity and maintaining electrical performance over time.


WHE16C Model: The "WHE16C" is likely a model or part number specific to a particular manufacturer or supplier. It distinguishes this variant or version of the waterproof electrical connector and allows for identification and compatibility verification.


Waterproof: The connectors feature a waterproof design, which means they are engineered to prevent the ingress of water, even when exposed to wet or damp environments. This waterproof feature ensures the integrity of the electrical connection and minimizes the risk of short circuits or electrical failures due to water damage.


AWG 14: These connectors are designed to accommodate AWG 14 gauge wires. AWG (American Wire Gauge) is a standard measurement system used to determine the diameter or thickness of electrical wires. AWG 14 represents a specific wire size with a particular diameter, and the connectors are tailored to effectively secure and connect wires of this gauge.


The combination of anti-rust properties, waterproof design, and compatibility with AWG 14 wires makes these connectors suitable for various applications, including outdoor lighting, marine installations, automotive systems, and other environments where reliable and moisture-resistant electrical connections are required.


To ensure compatibility and obtain specific product details, it is recommended to refer to the product datasheet, documentation, or contact the manufacturer directly. They will provide you with accurate information regarding the features, ratings, and specifications of the WHE16C Anti Rust Waterproof Electrical Connectors AWG 14.

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